Can you guess when the old Johnson snowmobile will sink?

ANSWER: April 21st, 2018!  All guessing is now closed. 

We will be posting the exact time and WINNER shortly.  Thank you all for supporting the Houghton Rotary 2018 Sink the Sled contest.

The old Johnson sledA vintage snowmobile (sled) was placed on the frozen Houghton Canal in early February as part of the “Sink the Sled” Contest sponsored by the Houghton Rotary Club. The winning ticket will be worth up to $1,000 or 50% of the net sales. The other half will support the Houghton Rotary’s scholarship program and other community activities.

Want to make a guess? You can buy one (1) guess for $3.00 or two (2) guesses for $5.00. Valid guesses must be submitted before the Sled Sinks, get your guesses in today! Select an option below.

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